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The Cycle Protocol is a yield optimizer, allowing you to auto-compound rewards from a variety of DEX/projects from the Avalanche C-chain, with it's own liquidity mining program attached to it. The Cycle token will be used for governance, in order to give power to the community on the health and evolution of the protocol. It also receives part of the revenue generated to those who decide to stake it, in order to reward them. Benefiting from the Avalanche Network low gas fees and fast transaction speeds, Cycle allow easy on-boarding of new users through a ZAP function, allowing for one-click deposit into it's auto-compounders. Users are then earning our own token, $CYCLE, on top of the auto-compounding. Unlike many liquidity mining programs and yield farms, the Cycle Protocol reward distribution does not follow a block by block, time based or uncontrolled inflationary model. A portion of the vault compounding reinvest amount is used to generate the CYCLE for vault rewards instead.