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What is the project about? Comdex is an interchain DeFi infrastructure layer housing a suite of composable solutions on-chain. What can your token be used for? $CMDX token functions – usage as gas fees, Staking, Governance, Collateralization, LP rewards Comdex dApps 1. cSwap_DEX – - Decentralized exchange to swap/ trade, and farm tokens - It uses AMM liquidity pools that brings cross-chain markets and limit orders. - At present: 25 pools are Live with 14+ 2 tokens - Unique concept of Master & Child pools - Liquidity only in child pools are incentivized thru external rewards & Equal Liquidity in master & child pools are incentivized thru internal and external rewards 2. Harbor Protocol / Composite Money $CMST stablecoin – - $CMST is an over-collateralized stablecoin backed by Interchain assets - Harbor protocol, the platform to mint $CMST - $HARBOR, governance token of $CMST - HARBOR, not used as collateral to mint $CMST to maintain solvency 3. Commodo – IBC native lending and borrowing platform - It introduces the concept of isolated money markets with bridged assets - it limits the pairings to the bridged assets, allowing for single lending pair to concentrate liquidity and reduce risks